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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tanchak is in the weather center. >> jeff: we remain in this muggy air. we still have the risk of storms through the night. just by looking at the way things are setting up, looks like the worst might have been with this line and rolled through cleveland and strengthened in lake jog and ashtabula county and hit in trumbull and youngstown and northwest pennsylvania and we have them out this is heavy rayntham fowler and we have this smaller line and most likely thunder and lightning and i-480 into garfield heights and more to come tonight and it mainly will be a heavy rain situation and the risk of severe continues to
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the timing through 5:00 a.m. and it is still drian and hopkins 81 and getting bits of sun this particular forecast calling for 86. showers and storms still with us. and we don't drop that much in temperature tonight and remaining humid out there. we are tracking the storms, a little cooler tomorrow and still muggy a potential 90-plus day on saturday and then a major front comes through saturday night. that will really change our temperature pattern overall by the time we get to sunday and the risk of more storms into the weekend and details later in the half hour. chris? >> thanks. >> chris: you can track the latest weather conditions with the free first alert weather app featuring street level radar and you can customize it to where you live. >> denise: well, you know the
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to close today because they just don't have air-conditioning. cleveland school officials checked inside temperatures at 4:30 this morning and it was already in the high 80s. we told one student just arriving that school was closed and he told us about the conditions yesterday. >> the school building actually got over 100. >> reporter: how was it? how were the kids? how were the students? >> sweating. they had to mop the floor a couple of times.>> remember you can always find school closings on our app or our web site on >> chris: we continue to follow breaking news. the f.b.i. now investigating a north ridgeville child abduction because it may be linked to cleveland and elyria cases. the f.b.i. wants us to show you this surveillance video again because this is the person they are looking for. dozens of agents were in a north ridgeville neighborhood today. that's where a little girl was
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of the night back in april of last year. she was able to get away and return home. investigators say there are several similarities with the other cases. >> denise: the campaign 2016 now, the presidential candidates are back on the trail after answering questions from veteran's and active service members last night. hillary clinton came out swing ing. >> during the forum last night, have a personal e-mail account as secretary of state. but she defended her handling of top secret information and house democrats have released a 2009 e-mail exchange between mrs. clinton and former secretary of state colin powell in which powell described how he had a personal computer hooked up to a private phone line to avoid going through state department servers.
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elected, about aleppo. >> about? aleppo. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding me? >> no. >> a bit embarrassing for gary johnson today. this afternoon he says he does understand the conflict in syria. he thought aleppo was an acronym and he blanked out. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump is in cleveland for the second time this week this time visiting a charter school. catherine bosleyas catherine, always interesting what he says. what did he say today? >> reporter: of course he had a lot to say and he had an hour's worth to say. so it was a very big afternoon in the little school cafeteria now all cleared out at the cleveland arts and social sciences academy. this is exactly where he wanted to address the issue of education, a more intimate
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maybe 100 people or so squeezed in including smaller students and hearing him say over and over again he will improve education for all starting with school choice for all and some mixed reaction to that. >> my concerns are that he wants to revamp the entire program without laying out any parameters and without anything being definite. and a lot of latitude. that's quite interesting. >> reporter: people rambles on and on. i believe he will do it. i believe he can. this speech sold it to you? >> yes. because he is a businessman and he deals with all kinds of deals and i believe he will be able to do it. >> he also talked about last night's forum with hillary why he thought he won this and that she performed so poorly. he didn't get a lot of applause and he was a little laid back
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normally see him. people not decided and not completely on his side and you have to wonder what seeing him in person does to their thoughts on him. reporting live from cleveland 19 catherine bosley, back to you guys. >> denise: thank you, catherine. ohio's new medical marijuana law takes effect today and there are still questions how all this will work. dan deroos getting answers for us at 5:00. >> dan: denise, there several laws governing this. this is not go out and smoke weed kind of law. because of so many rules we felt it important at to put up an entire section ohio medical marijuana effective date doesn't mean much for patients yet. we have this rundown. everything you need to know. first of all, you have to be approved by a doctor and it's got to be a recommendation. that doctor has to get a special license to prescribe marijuana. it is only for certain
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cancer, chronic pain and a few more. if you don't fall under that, can you petition. there are only certain types allowed. you can't smoke marijuana because of this law. it is only in vaporizer form, edibles and oils. oils for what kids use, kids with seizures and that type of thing and you have to buy them at a legal dispensary. we don't have those and it will take years to dispensaries set up selling legal products in the state. yes, you can still get in trouble especially by your employer even if you are seen by a doctor and approved and given a prescription. your employer has the right to fire you if you test positive for a drug within their policy. still a lot to know and to get used to. today is technically the first day. we will not see it for quite sometime. denise? >> denise: all right, dan.
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heroin epidemic sikh making waves. >> the bbc highlighted the problem and focused in on avon lake. cleveland 19 denise zarrella getting answers why the school superintendent said he is disappear pointed by what he saw. >> we know it is a man and don't know much else about it. >> reporter: it is the documentary that blew up on social media recently. anyone with a connection to lorain county and avon lake especiallyan and watch. >> it feels quite different. this is really lovely and quite wealthy suburb, and yet people tell me it is everywhere. >> reporter: this is the bbc production called smack in suburbia. >> it feels a man battling heroin addiction claiming he snorted opioids right off the table in a library at avon high school as a student here. >> i remember sitting three tables back over there.
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he is like oh, this is oxycontin and i actually snorted it off the table and that's basically when i fell in love with it. >> reporter: current students describe how prevalent drugs are here. >> there's a kid that got caught with oxycontin in his locker and he actually got arrested at school in the cop car. >> reporter: avon lake city school superintendent bob scott says this documentary doesn't tell the whole story. >> i was disappointed because really only told a small slice what we were doing and what they talked about while we were here and did not portray avon lake and avon high school in a way i want it portrayed. >> scott says after being interviewed 45 minutes this was the only clip of him that got used. >> i showed a parent of this not long ago and they said how come you can't catch them. i took my notebook and put the pill in it, closed the notebook
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said, put $5 there and hand it back. it is impossible to catch because they are so small. >> reporter: scott says the documentary never mentions the school's effort to combat drug use. >> they left out all the pieces of education and prevention and support. we felt it put us in a bad light. you don't want to end up being defensive in those kinds of things. we really understand in the united statesnd our high school, we are always battling drug and alcohol and it is an ongoing process for us. >> reporter: scott says the high school works closely with lorain county drug and health services to provide help for students and families struggling with drug addiction. chris? >> chris: good stuff. cleveland 19 helping you spot the signs of heroin and opioid use. log onto and click on your health tab for
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struggling with addiction. >> denise: the cleveland police dispatcher who took the original 911 call in the tamir rice case has been disciplined for the way she handled a different call about a 12-year-old girl reporting a sexual assault. you can hear constance asking the girl's mother why she didn't tonight hurt the suspect. >> i don't want to hurt him. >> you don't tonight hurt him? is that your daughter? >> so he sexually assaulted your daughter but you don't want to hurt him. >> dispatcher hollinger handled the call in march of 2015. in november, the city of cleveland recommended charges against her. in may and june there were predisciplinary hearings and july 7 hollinger was found guilty of administrative charges and disciplined for improper
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suspension without pay. >> chris: new details on the gazebo at the cudell rec center where police shot and killed tamir rice. last month a family said it found a museum in chicago to house the gazebo and didn't give specifics. >> denise: he is cleveland's champ. will you hear from stipe mickic
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newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: and we continue to follow breaking news we first told you about at 4:00 today. the cincinnati zoo has now been evacuated because of a bomb threat. >> that's right. it was called in at 3:30 in the afternoon. law enforcement responded with bomb-sniffing dogs. they conducted a sweep. as of the top of the hour nothing has been found. there is a media staging area on the from above. >> denise: they have been on twitter ever since harambe has been kill there had. we will continue to monitor the situation and let you know the latest. >> chris: cleveland getting ready for fight night. the headliner is from cleveland. sports director tony zarrella there was as the heavy weight champ faced the media.
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see stipe locked in like this. he looks like he could fight tonight but will have to wait until saturday night. today the press conference and square off that is followed and two fighters taking the stage and. no question he has enjoyed every minute of being champ. it's got to be insulting to him when suggested he hasn't trained hard enough for the fight. >> everywhere i go and appearance i have a training partner and nothing has changed. i train harder than i have trained before. and i am ready to go. nothing has changed. training has gotten harder. i am ready to go. this summer was brutal. it was pretty hot. some days i thought i would pass out. 90 degrees and 90% humidity was
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come saturday, i can't wait to show you how much better i have gotten. >> tony: considering he is coming off a first round knock out to win the belt that's improved. >> he has gone back to his job and training three times a day. >> denise: how insulting. that guy, all he does is work hard. >> tony: he is trying to stir things up. he is locked in. >> overeem is first guy off the bus kind of deal. >> tony: he has been around a long time. he has 39 more fights than stipe. it doesn't matter. it is what stipe has done in his fights. >> denise: he is mentally tough and that's the difference. >> tony: every time he came on the set, the work you and i did on him. >> denise: he is awesome. some are saying stipe got the ball rolling for us to be title town. >> chris: that's right.
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behind-the-scenes look for how the champ prepares for the fights. >> reporter: driven. relentless and fueled by a fierce competitive nature and primal instinct. the new undisputed ufc heavy weight champion of the world. >> reporter: reigning ufc weight champ, stipe is a force to be reckoned with. >> once he is in the octagon he is focused on getting the knockout. >> it is a switch. i don't want him to knock my lights out. >> the only sport where they lock you in the cage. the whole idea is to hurt the other person. >> leading up to the fight to defend his title stipe has more than a title to defend.
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firefighter in oakwood and valley view. >> he might be the baddest man on the planet. when he walks in here he is a junior guy. we will make him clean the toilets if that is what he needs. >> days and nights are long pushing him to his limits. they feel it is the department's job to support stipe and keep him grounded. >> sometimes on calls people recognize him and know he is. thinks it is cool when we make fun of him. >> and right now he is in the middle of training camp. he is a miserable, miserable human being. he doesn't eat enough or sleep enough and beaten up by coaches on a daily basis. >> the crew makes sacrifices for him while he end doors camp and makes up the time while out of the octagon.
5:20 pm
of being a champ. >> it is a lot coming at him, of course, since may. which is good things. but sometimes you have to make sure he is able to rest, you know and train and focus on the basics and what's important. >> she admits while they try to take advantage of timely opportunities they have had to put a few things on hold. >> honeymoon. we have been looking at houses. >> miocic is of coaches, dedicated and waiting to take a beating for them. stipe is dangerous in many ways and mental determination is a difference maker? he is like a large child and loveable large child. when you close a door in here, a whole other part of his personality comes out. he is a stone cold killer in the cage. >> he is in good shape and a better fighter than brazil which was an intimidating environment.
5:21 pm
chanting "you're going to die" when he walks out. >> if you are a naysayer, he just wants to prove you are wrong. >> he knocked out the defending champ in less than three minutes silencing the rowdy crowd. >> i didn't feel anything. right on a spot on the chin, right on the button. went down like a sack of potatoes. >> after all those years of all this work, you plan on it happening and you anticipate it happening and when is mind blowing. >> stipe says he is extremely proud to have brought the first ufc fight here to cleveland. he says ticket holders and folks at home can expect an exciting fight at the q. in the final weeks leading up to the fight in cleveland, team miocic is analyzing every jab, punch and kick. >> most people can't go through three minutes with what he goes through in one day.
5:22 pm
can't make it through what he does every day. >> miocic is listening to his body as things are not healing as fast as they used to and realization there's more to life. >> and when i stopped caring about it, i became better. >> i will walk out with a belt around my waist and be a champion for a long time and rock it out. >> jeff: all right. now to me. here we go. yeah, we go from him to me. good luck, stipe, my goodness. >> here we go with the storms. it is mainly focused along and north of the u.s. 30 corridor
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shower moving through youngstown got hit hard with heavy rain. this is the strongest one in our viewing area, northern wayne county tracking east. on its track it could be in the new franklin area 5:37. lake township, 5:52 and brimfield 5:58 and ratstown 6:06. we will have showers and storms around tonight and we will see how things set up. most of it according to this model could be concentrated more where they are happening right now along the u.s. 30 corridor. 2:00, showers and storms around. once the rain lets up, the fog will set in just in time for your morning commute tomorrow. it will start out foggy. the humidity will remain high tonight. another wave of heavy rain and storms, perhaps overnight
5:24 pm
saturday and then saturday afternoon this will be the much stronger front. this is 5:00 saturday afternoon. these showers and storms could contain heavy rains and potential of severe weather. big drop in temperature by the time we get to sunday. muggy meter. we are oppressive tonight. it goes down a little bit tomorrow. still muggy and then saturday back up in the oppressive. in advance of the next 90-plus day and afternoon storms developing. >> waves 1-3 feet out there on the lake. pretty breezy. we could have a shower or storm pop up, boaters. >> rain and storms in the forecast down to 68 for the low as it remains humid. akron-canton, you will drop to 70. showers and storms in the forecast. tomorrow fog in the morning that could restrict visibility a bit. otherwise a mixed sky and still
5:25 pm
mid-80s tomorrow. >> 7:00 a.m., 70 with fog, noon, 78 and 5:00 mostly cloudy and 81. i kept it dry tomorrow. friday night football games look good. two waves of storms saturday. one in the early morning and another wave late in the afternoon here. 93 the high saturday evening. some showers and storms. there's your drop in temperature 62. we much, much cooler on sunday. 70 only for the high. we could go from 93 saturday, 70 on sunday. that's quite the change and much more comfortable. monday 78 and we will not have schools closed because of the heat monday. >> tuesday mostly sunny and 80. there you go. >> another big temperature drop by mid week. nicer overnights, too. >> that's right. >> much more palatable.
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>> chris: wildwater kingdom closed or did it.
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>> an upindicate to breaking news out of cincinnati. the cincinnati zoo was evacuated after a bomb threat was called in. >> that's right. police moved the zoo was evacuated as a precaution and used bomb-sniffing dogs. they tweeted out a minute ago there's no credible threat at the cincinnati zoo. they will resume operations today as normal. at home a petition on-line to save geauga lakes wildwater kingdom getting more than 1500 signatures in just four days. >> cedar fair entertainment announced last month they will not reopen the park.
5:30 pm
day of operations on monday. i think they should try to keep it somehow. i don't know how they would do it. and brought my kids here when they were little and so many memories and it is hard to leave. cedar fair will most likely sell or lease the property to be redeveloped. the company is not releasing plans just yet. you know what would make a good christmas gift for the tickets to a cavs game. single game tickets will go on sale this month playing golden state on christmas day. tickets for the championship celebration and home opener will go on sale next thursday at noon and that game is october 25 against new york knicks. tickets for remaining regular 40 game season goes on sale thursday september 29th at noon.
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the akron area again. we have a thunderstorm out of wayne county. right here southern summit. heads up. more storms headed in your directio donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
5:32 pm
y to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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all right. back to politics now. national security could be the defining issue in the race for president. and the candidates are working >> as ryan nobles explains, in the last 24 hours donald trump and hillary clinton have drawn sharp distinctions how they would handle the threats from around the world. >> on the day after a critical forum on national security. hillary clinton holding a rare press conference to establish her position and make a promise to the american people. >> we should make it a top priority to hunt down the leader of isis.
5:35 pm
donald trump made a pledge to completely destroy isis. he said he will require his top generals to come with a plan within 30 days of him taking office. and it is the same generals trump attacked during wednesday's forum. >> i believe under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it is embarrassing for the country. >> clinton argues it is hard to believe trump beca h to destroy isis and her attacks aren't changing trump's approach. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast what my plan is. >> and he has called for ground troops to be sent to the middle east, clinton declared that step off limits. >> i think putting a big contingent of american ground troops on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best
5:36 pm
isis and other terrorist groups. >> given the rising threats around the world this is an issue that ranks high among voters and the candidate who best articulates the vision to keep america safe could be the one who wins on election day. >> reporter: in washington, i'm ryan nobodyels. >> denise: another oppressive one out there. i can't believe this one for september. >> how conditions change, too. hot and all of a sudden storms move through. where are we,f. time of year we will see up and down temperature patterns and that's what we have coming up in the forecast. for now it remains muggy and will be that way throughout the night and it will fuel the storms with the front coming through. what we are watching now chippewa, portage lakes, new franklin and northern starke county these are downpours, some pretty good storms here in the
5:37 pm
were earlier as the main line came across the northern counties which has dried out and we are seeing sunshine. with the rain moving through, boy is it thick out there. some people like to say the air you can wear, whatever adjective you want to throw in. rain and storms and now until 5:00 in the morning. there's a heavy rain threat that we have in the forecast. but the risk of to diminish as we move along the rest of the afternoon. cooler tomorrow. i have us dry. it is still going to be humid. it won't be as warm temperaturewise and as a result we spike back up. we have some afternoon storms on the way saturday. there could be that first wave, though, early saturday morning. that's the main front that will give us the big temperature change. this evening 80 at 7:00, 78 at
5:38 pm
cleveland mid-70s through 3:00 in the morning. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. a berea man will spend 25 years in prison for raping an 81-year-old woman in february. but there is much more to the story. shanice dunning was in court with the horrific details. >> reporter: today the judge called this one of the most brutal rape crimes she has ever seen. a berea man taking a 81-year-old widow as his he pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and today he learned his fate. we are concealing the victim's identity but she tells the court he ruined her precious years of life. >> i don't want him near me. an 81-year-old woman describes unimaginable horror at the sentencing of her rapist.
5:39 pm
apartment and he raped her. >> he put a hand on the door, on the top of the door and grabbed me here and he put me like a pohto back on top and walked to the bedroom. that's when i screamed, help, help. >> reporter: she said when she looked at hits face she realized she had seen him hanging around her building before. >> i was nice to him sometimes. i gave him a dollar when he asked me. d him to stop offering him all the money she had. >> all hi was $11. and he took it. >> i never really understood the depth of her paranoia and anxiety until she began sharing with me her life story. >> her pastor spoke on her behalf explaining she has been a victim before. she grew up in europe during world war ii and watched nazis kill her father. they took her to labor camps
5:40 pm
sexually abused. farmer told the judge a medical examination shows he suffers from mental disorders. >> i want to say i am sorry. i didn't mean to do that much of a harm. >> the judge called his crime one of the most brutal she has ever seen. >> in 25 years this is one of the worst. >> farmer will have to register as a tier 3 sexual offender and register his address with authorities every 90 days for the rest of his chris. >> chris: thank you for that. >> ford recalling 1.5 million cars because the doors coop fly open while driving. in all almost 2.5 million recalls are on the list. a spring on the side latch could break and a door could open while on the road. car owners need to bring the cars to dealers to get them fix and can you find a list of the
5:41 pm
tablet. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right. a live look at roads out there. this is downtown naturally and things are running smoothly. we checked in with odot and nothing major to report. there's a tiny accident on the shoulder blocking 77 southbound at archwood avenue and not too big of an ordeal for you there. can you get the latest by downloading our app and click on the traffic tab. coming up a 9/11 mystery. the american flag razeed by firefighters at ground zero is back home after going missing for years.
5:42 pm
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> denise: the american flag that flew at ground zero hours after the 9/11 attacks made its way back home. >> chris: the story behind the homecoming is an ongoing mystery. marlie hall has the story from new york city. >> reporter: a symbol o has come home. emergency responders raised this american flag at ground zero hours after the 9/11 attacks. a moment captured in these photographs. >> the raising of this flag restored some humanity and some hope and really told us all as americans that we would be strong and we would get through this together. >> reporter: days after it was raised it disappeared for 13 years.
5:45 pm
it into a fire station in everett, washington. these law enforcement officials from everett investigated its puzzling reemergence and helped authenticate this piece of american history using high resolution photographs. >> reporter: exactly how it ended up across the country and the identity of the person who turned it is remains a mystery. but it is back and here to stay. >> reporter: the flag is donated to the 9/11 memorial and museum. >>ve and museum feels a tremendous pressure of pride and responsibility in assuming the custody of this flag. >> reporter: while the flag has been found, the mystery where it went lingers. >> now with the amount of attention being given to it, we suspect there will be leads that come in. >> reporter: the stars and stripes are now on display in time for sunday's 15th anniversary of the attacks. marlie hall cleveland 19. >> romona: good afternoon.
5:46 pm
developing story. now in 2015, a kidnapping in north ridgeville being linked to one in cleveland and an attempted abduction in elyria. >> we are getting answers tonight. plus a local mother tells us why her daughter needs medical marijuana. the law went into affect today and the wait could be long. we will have those stories and
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>> denise: two favorite summer treats combined with alcoholic ice cream. >> chris: interesting. getting booze, sugar and cream in the same pint poses special challenges. brooks sylvia-braga reports. >> it is liquor-infused ice cream with alcohol in it. >> reporter: before they could hand out samples of her tipsy scoop ice cream. >> definitely like rum. >> reporter: she had to solve a
5:50 pm
and get it to freeze. >> i think the first recipe was basically a milk shake which is not bad. >> no, probably delicious. >> we wanted it to be a true ice cream. >> reporter: after dozens of tasty missteps she mixed up a batch with high butterfat. it froze and tipsy scoop was born. >> this is raspberry sorbet. >> she isn't alone cracking the code. snow bar sellslc mercer's wine ice cream is available in more than 20 states. >> can you taste the alcohol? >> a little bit. >> ice creams are unlikely to get you truly tipsy. chemistry and the law keeps the alcohol content to 5% by volume. shoppers have to be 21 or over. getting in stores is a state by state struggle. >> it is iffy. they are working out the laws. >> pints retail for about $10 at
5:51 pm
luxury times when dessert or drink isn't enough. >> this is pretty good for a post break up kind of treat. >> brooks sylvia-braga cleveland 19. >> jeff: all right. let's plan things out for you here. you will get a bit of a break from the rain tomorrow. we got showers and storms we are monitoring here tonight. some fog developed early tomorrow morning. that will turn into a m it will be cooler, 82, still muggy. all of a sudden on saturday we shoot up in temperature 93. i have an alert for some storms. it looks like two main waves we will watch on saturday. one in the early morning and then again during the afternoon. but in between we could sneak back up above 90. it willing muggy and windy here saturday. those storms later saturday
5:52 pm
we will keep you post odd that. saturday night showers and storms 68 mainly in the evening and turn much, much cooler. sunday, monday and tuesday sunshine and temperatures back up around 80 degrees. chris? >> chris: thank you, jeff. still ahead at 5:00 meet the new most interesting man in the world. >> wait until you see what he can do. >> he doesn't look like the other one. if you want the chance win four vip tickets to see brad paisley at blossom music center all you have to do is log onto
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earlier we told you about the heavy weight chance stipe miocic. >> now the new most interesting man in the world. [ speaking spanish ] >> chris: there he is.
5:56 pm
france. he also speaks span suspicious you saw him split a coconut with his hand, bare. big shoes to fill. 77-year-old jonathan goldsmith held the post 10 years and grew the brand. give him a shot. >> give him a shot. you never know. people felt that way replacing james bond. >> there you go. >> we'll see. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight. have you ever bought produce at the farmer m know what to do with it? a local girl scout has the answers and she is one of romona's kids.
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cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: we are tracking storms in your first alert weather forecast. the risk of severe is lessening. we will get to jeff tanchak in a moment. fist we have developing news. >> romona: that's right. dozens of f.b.i. agents were in the north ridgeville neighborhood today. could a kidnapping there be connected to a case in cleveland and an attempted abduction in elyria. >> mark: denise zarrella talked to the f.b.i. to get t >> reporter: mark and romona the f.b.i. did not say there's a definitive link but right now they are trying to determine if in fact there is one. the f.b.i. asking the public to take another look at this surveillance video they released in the case of a 6-year-old girl kidnapped in the spring. investigators had said they forensically linked that case an attempted abduction of a 10-year-old girl in elyria and now we are learning about an abduction in north ridgeville
6:00 pm
her father was in the house. a man entered the house and went into her bedroom and scooped her up out of her bed and took her out of the house. he didn't take her far in this particular occasion. and she was able to get away a short time later and get back to her house. there's a lot of similarities here. >> reporter: special agent anderson says the f.b.i. was surprised when they went to north ridgevillean they interviewed in the meadow lakes region had no knowledge of the abduction that happened in cleveland. if you know anything that could help solve these cases call the number (216)622-6842. mark and romona. >> thank you very much. 33 schools closed in our area due to the heat today. we have been dealing with storms. what do we got next. >> well, because of the rain we are seeing it is super muggy out


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